Confidently Raise Kids In A Digital World


Do you lie awake at night worrying about your children using technology?

Are you struggling to create healthy screen time habits without fighting your kids?

Are you wondering which security measures and parental controls actually work?


We have the answers to give you the power over technology you didn't know you had. We'll help you create a Safe Virtual Playground your kids can safely thrive in!!


The Answers You're Seeking Are Here.

Preparing For Tech

We teach you what challenges your kids are facing and how you can prepare for it. We provide you with tools, systems, and expert security practices to help you confidently raise your kids in a digital world.


End The Tech Cycle

Instead of fighting your kids with their phones, computers, social media and video games, learn how to break the cycle!! Develop Screen Time Responsibility Systems that help your kids and you form healthy screen time habits TOGETHER!!


Security Secrets

We don't recommend what everyone else does. Why? We share our proven expert security secrets that work time and again 100% better than what everyone else recommends.


"I LOVE your stories. You have so many amazing tips. As my daughter is entering "tween-dom" I'm going to be referring to you often to help me navigate this stuff."


"I LOVE what you do! . . . I LOVE your perspecitive. The problems are huge . . . but the fear mongering just frightens people without giving them solutions. There needs to be a fearlessness in the parenting of tech, along with a fierce belief in the capacity of the child to eventually be able to get a handle on it all! . . I've spent a fair amount of time combing your website and insta page. It really is an astonishing amount of research that you've complied and made available to parents. It's a jungle out there, and you offer amazing expertise and insight. Well done!!""

Emily Johnson, Mom of 5
CEO, Family Tech University

"I have a 6 month old baby who is still far away from using a smart phone but I've been super inspired by the #savethekids movement . . . you inspired me!! Always looking for ways to be a better parent and a better way to raise my son than being glued to screens."

Mrs. Robinson

"I love this! I think our followers would appreciate [your tips on teaching teens with technology]! Parents need [these] tools!!! I realized that there are different approaches, and I couldn't find much that fit my parenting style. A cell phone contract didn't sit well with me, just based on my experience with teens. Your info is great!! Keep at it!! Such great ideas!!"

Andrea D., Mom of 5
Co-Founder Better Screen Time

Create The Safe Playground You Grew Up On!!

Wish you could go back in time and raise your kids when you grew up?

What would you say if we could give you the tools to do this without traveling through time?

It's as simple as creating a Family Tech Plan that does more than a phone contract or screen time reward system does for your kids.


Digital Parenting Resources

Our Resources answer some of the deepest questions you have as a parent in bite sized pieces, free of tech jargon!!

I'm Chelsea.

I'm a security enthusiast, parent educator, and obsessed with helping families use technology for good in their lives.

My most exciting work days are spent helping families and businesses create their safe playground. When I'm not saving the world, I'm making up random songs with my kids, hosting parties for any celebration I can, and going on amazing adventures with my husband.

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