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Are you overwhelmed with protecting your digital workspace?

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We have the answers to give you the power over technology you didn't know you had. We'll help you create a Safe Digital Workspace for your business and a Safe Virtual Playground everyone can thrive in!!


Creating Your Safe Virtual Space Is Simple.

Safe Virtual Playgrounds

Every family is trying to learn how to manage technology in their homes. I got my degree in cybersecurity to have the tools to protect my family from the dangers of cyberspace. Parents have the ability to have power over technology. Let me teach you the proven tools that work for every home.

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Safe Digital Workspaces

Every business is online these days, but knowing how to keep your business safe is hard. I help businesses easily bridge the gap between the information online and practical steps to protect their interests at work. Every business needs a safe digital workspace so you can do what you do best.

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Practical Resources For Parents & Businesses

Our Resources answer some of the deepest questions you have in bite sized pieces, free of tech jargon!!

Hi I'm Chelsea.

I'm an internationally licensed and certified security professional, parent educator, and obsessed with helping people create safe places in the digital world. I was named as a woman changing the tech world in 2019. My speciality is in helping online-based businesses and families protect their assets from threats they cannot see.

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"I am so appreciative to Chelsea for helping my family and I secure our personal information and accounts after our security had been compromised. I only wish we would have used her services to be proactive instead of reactive! She is an expert in all things cyber security and is well versed in policies and laws regarding what to do if you need to take action for being hacked or victimized. Chelsea was friendly, caring and very professional. I highly recommend her to anyone who uses technology regularly to communicate, socialize or make purchases online."


"Chelsea has been doing my security and IT for our company for over 6 years. ... Whether you are a business, parent or in your senior years, Chelsea is willing and able to work with you on your level. She is patient and willing to teach you the things you need to know to avoid potential threats and security issues. I completely trust her to come into my business and my home. I would highly recommend her services to anyone."

Traci Marx, Mom of 4
R & R Backhoe

"You helped us navigate a pretty scary situation so THANK YOU! Our 8 year old was frequently talking about killing himself, typically when he was frustrated. We pulled the plug for a year so we could do our research. That's when I found your account. I work in the digital space. I know this stuff for grown ups. But had no idea how to help my kids process it at such a young age. You have helped us mentor both our kids through navigating each of their age-appropriate virtual playgrounds. "


"I LOVE what you do! . . . I LOVE your perspecitive. The problems are huge . . . but the fear mongering just frightens people without giving them solutions. There needs to be a fearlessness in the parenting of tech, along with a fierce belief in the capacity of the child to eventually be able to get a handle on it all! . . I've spent a fair amount of time combing your website and insta page. It really is an astonishing amount of research that you've complied and made available to parents. It's a jungle out there, and you offer amazing expertise and insight. Well done!!"

Emily Johnson, Mom of 5
Mom at Family Tech University

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