How We Got Our Finances Fit

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2019

Finances are one of the #1 causes of stress, divorce and life problems in our world. I thought we were doing pretty good with our finances, but we felt like we could do better. With my husband being a huge finance guy, I asked him if there was something more we could do. Something we could use to get our money to work for us, instead of working for more money. My friend introduced us to a Financial Fitness course that has done wonders for us. We want to share with you how this class helped us get our finances fit.

Other Courses

I want you to know that this wasn't the first time we had tried a finance course. We started our marriage with the Davey Ramsey Total Money Makeover, looked into Jordan Paige's Budget Boot Camp and others. The thing with these courses is they didn't work for both of us. My husband is a finance guy so he's a hard one to convince. After going to school for all things finance, he really wanted something more aggressive on both fronts: paying down debt and growing your money simultaneously. After hearing about our friend's success with the course and how they were transforming their lives, he was on board.

Starting Out

The course is unlike others I have ever tried. Instead of having you dive right into a budget or explanations on how money works, the course goes the exact opposite. Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward start with personal development and the mindset of how we view money. "You, in other words, are your greatest return on investment. Period." Their approach is to find and make goals of what you want to do with your life if you had all the money in the world and teach you how to use your money to do that. It's a little unconventional, but it spoke to both my husband and I.

Money Offense & Defense

One thing that really struct my husband and I when we were taking the course was the idea that there was an offense and defense of money. The defense of money is what we all struggle with: getting out of debt. While the offense of money is something few of us are ever able to master: making our money work for us. This concept was an eyeopener for both of us and really allowed us to both look at money the same way for the first time.

Financial Lessons

We definitely learned a lot of interesting things about budgeting our money. One of the things I loved was how they built principles, 47 of them, that really break down how money can work for you to achieve your dreams. These are a few of the ones that I personally liked and helped us become more financially fit:

  1. Pay yourself first
  2. Take advice from people you want to live like
  3. Invest in yourself always (personal development)
  4. Do your work to be a master of it
  5. Own your own business that creates passive income
  6. Excel at your work & business at the same time
  7. Pay cash for your business-no debts if possible
  8. Invest your money in things that don't depreciate (metals)
  9. Become the kind of person & leader you want to follow
  10. Understand and study free enterprise


As you can see there was a lot of stuff that we learned about that wasn't about getting your finances fit. I loved how the course was all about the various sides of money and not just one part. I also loved that we had a network of people to talk to, meet and help us along the way. The course came with more than just an online group or a book you leave to your own devices. We had in person meetings, active sheets and someone there to answer our questions every step of the way. I loved how the course not only helped us cut our debt in half, but it also helped us increase our savings at the same time. If you'd like to learn more about the course and what it offers simply check out the Financial Fitness website. You can also feel free to ask my husband too!!


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