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The Easy Tech Hacks To Prevent Cyber Bullying On Instagram


Hi I’m Chelsea!! Welcome to Tech Thursday, where I teach practical tech hacks to help you find balance and keep you and your family safe on the Virtual Playground.

Today, in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, I'm showing you some tips to stoping cyberbullying on Instagram. If you want to know what cyberbullying, mom shamming or being mean online is, watch this video.

In Instagram, Click on your profile,
Go to your settings and
click on privacy.
Click on Account Privacy.
Make sure private account is turned on.

Go back to settings.
Click on account.
Then click on linked accounts. Unlink all accounts. This prevents people from finding you on other apps.

Go back to Settings
Click on Notifications.
Click on Direct Messages. Turn message requests off. Change video chats to be only from people I follow. Now anyone who you are not friends with cannot message you. This will not work in group chats you join. Only in ones you create.

To learn more of what you can do to further protect yourself from cyberbullying on Instagram like restricting and blocking people, visit the link in the description.

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