The Secrets Why Our Kids Learning To Code In School Is A Very Bad Idea

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2019

School districts throughout the nation are looking for ways to provide their students with an edge in succeeding in the world. A recent development has lead school districts to believe that teaching students to code will provide them with greater job opportunities in the future. Many parents today are asking tech experts what the best ways for their kids to learn coding are. But myself and other tech experts are aware that parents and educators alike aren't truly prepared for what's coming next.

User-Lead Development

With the development of AIs, UX/UI, it's all about user friendly devices. Most devices today are being set up to work without complex coding needed. We are put out anytime we have to code something that should be simple. Most consumers won't buy items that are complex or too hard to figure out. Even websites today are all being automated. This leaves little room for coding jobs in the future. Once we have a template that we can use, 90% of the coding is done. It will be about making sure the code speaks to each other and that's a simple job. And let's not forget the #1 thing that speaks volume to employers today over degrees and certifications. Experience. Yes, real-world, real-life experience-especially in the tech world-is THE most important thing. We would rather hire 100 dishonest employees who have the experience over the 50 honest employees that lack it. It's a harsh reality.

Most Needed Computer Jobs

We have let the world believe that everything to do with technology is all about learning to code and that all coding languages are the same. While it's true all technology needs a code to work, they're all different. As of right now and in the foreseeable future, the most needed coding jobs are those in cloud computing, networking, AI/UX/UI, mobile development and Cybersecurity. Were you aware that these computer coding languages are not what schools want to teach your kids? The most needed jobs in computers and technology in general are actually in marketing, mobile app development and data analysts. None of these jobs require coding like Python to work. In fact, Python isn't used in these jobs.

Unforeseen Complications

Let's say you were able to get your school to make network coding a required course in place of Python. Are you aware that teaching kids to do such things provides them with the necessary skills they need to hack the school network? Or your home network? I didn't think so. We won't even touch the legal implications a school could have if their students decided to breech their network from the inside out.

And while I'm on the subject, let's talk about the legal side of things. Who do you think is going to be responsible if your child hacks the school system? Or another big coperation's system? That's right, YOU. The Parents because you signed a legal waiver that put all responsibility on you and your child-not the school. Oh, you believe tech companies will want to hire your child? They might, depending on if they feel your child is more of a threat. You don't want to be on that side if they are.

Biggest Threats Online Today

Are you aware of what the biggest threats people are facing today? I'll tell you that they're not worried about how many likes their Social Media profiles have. They're serious things like identity theft, hacking, cyber-espionage, and viruses and malware. We keep begging for our schools to bring back the home economics and life classes of the 70s and 80s because the next generation doesn't even know what they're doing. How much more of a problem is it going to be if we have a generation that only knows how to code instead of how to protect themselves virtually?

Security Isn't Being Taught

Oh, you thought security was being taught in school? Not even close. They give slide presentations that are things like "don't talk to strangers" "don't open emails from people you don't know" but how many adults do you know that fall for those tactics all the time? Yep. Why do you think they're such a high demand for family and individual security consultants right now? Exactly. Let's start teaching our kids some real-life skills that will save them some big issues in the future.

Trade Jobs Will Be Higher Paying Jobs

There's also the aspect of economics to consider. If coders are abundant and coding jobs are in low demand, what will happen? According to my husband and other expert economists, you will have a bunch of people without jobs all over the world. This means that "manual labor jobs" that don't currently pay a ton will suddenly pay through the nose to hire individuals. And that's definitely job security when you have only 100 people that can do your job as opposed to 100,000. Don't believe me? Look up the pay rate for an elevator mechanic. Yeah, tech guys don't even make that much in a year.

So what should schools focus on teaching our kids? Security. Let's focus on life skills our kids will need to survive the next world.


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