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Tech Course Teaching Kids How To Use Technology Safely

I can't count how many times I've been asked by parents, "Do you have a course for kids? Do you have something that I can use to help my child learn?" Until now, we haven't. I'm happy to Introduce you to Family Tech University  an online workshop designed to help you and your kids turn on their internal filters to use technology appropriately. I'll break down the course for you and the things I love here. Use Code CHELSEA15 for a discount on the course for a limited time!!


Promotes Connection For Parents And Children

Family Tech University is designed like a "Smart Phone Driver's Ed" addition. While kids take the course on their own, there are lots of teaching and talking moments parents can have with their kids. I appreciate this approach because it helps parents establish the trust that I believe they need to be able to hand over a phone tied to the world without damaging their relationships with them.

Covers A Wide Array Of Topics

The course also covers a wide array of topics from social media to safe web browsing to healthy time limits and habits. It even provides additional materials may parents are concerned with where sexting, sextortion, and pornography are concerned. The course does touch on religious concepts of morality in these instances. Skip over it if you're not wanting your child to learn about it, but be warned by the expert: They will see it no matter their age. 

Provides Materials From Expert Sources

I do like that the course was not made from a parent's experiences or the tools they used to raise their kids. Emily and Dave do a wonderful job of bringing in expert sources that are actually helpful to children and parents. These sources, for me, provide a level of validation that the materials being taught are able to help families the way experts want to without creating issues along the way.

Teaches Kids Topics Based On A Moral Value

I do appreciate the moral values Family Tech University applies in the course. These values and morals include self-regulation, independence, virtue, honesty, integrity, virtue, and citizenship which I have not seen presented in a course yet. Values such as these are timeless and a key component in being able to save our children from themselves.

Use the code CHELSEA15 to be able to get a discount on Family Tech University for the entire family. It's the course every child should take before being handed a smart phone.

No matter what stage of life you're in with raising kids with technology, I know this is a course every family should invest it. I know we will be investing in it in the future!!

*This is a sponsored post, but the opinions and materials discussed are entirely my own.


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