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The Secrets To Run Screen Time Guilt-Free With our Kids This Summer

I live in Las Vegas, NV where during the summer it's too hot to play outside without getting "fried to a crisp" as we say here. At 6-7 am it's as hot as 85 to 90 degrees and by 4 pm in the afternoon it can be around 115 degrees F. So while most other people say "Screen Free Summer!!" for their kids, at my house that's unrealistic sometimes. So how do we manage screen time for our kids during the summer months when sometimes all we want to do is hide inside by the A/C unit and eat popsicles? 

1. Determine Acceptable Screen Activities

In our home, we have our Family Tech Plan that lists what devices my kids can use, where they can use them and who they can use them with. As part of our plan, I have also written down a list with each of my kids of acceptable Screen Time Activities. For this summer that consists of 1 family movie per day or a maximum of 3 TV show episodes. I always have a list of shows and movies my kids can choose from to avoid the fight...

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The Ways We Can Stop A Young Child’s Eyes From A Cyber Flash Today

Are you familiar with the term cyber flash? It’s mooning someone in a digital space. Parents are seeing this as something new that kids are doing, but as a security expert I can tell you it’s been around for a long time. Pretty much since sending images became a thing. So what can you do to stop your kids from seeing it? And how does it even happen?

What is Cyber flashing?

Most parents and experts say that cyber flashing happens through Bluetooth, Airdrop or something similar. They’re not wrong, but that’s not the only ways it happens. Ask anyone in online direct sales, multi-level marketing or who runs any social media platform and they’ll tell you it can happen in video messages, messaging, comments, etc. Pretty much anywhere you can send a video or image, you can flash someone.

Why are kids doing this?

One idea I can come up with is that it's fun to see people's reactions. Remember our kids don’t have fully developed brains until long...

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The Secrets Why Our Kids Learning To Code In School Is A Very Bad Idea

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2019

School districts throughout the nation are looking for ways to provide their students with an edge in succeeding in the world. A recent development has lead school districts to believe that teaching students to code will provide them with greater job opportunities in the future. Many parents today are asking tech experts what the best ways for their kids to learn coding are. But myself and other tech experts are aware that parents and educators alike aren't truly prepared for what's coming next.

User-Lead Development

With the development of AIs, UX/UI, it's all about user friendly devices. Most devices today are being set up to work without complex coding needed. We are put out anytime we have to code something that should be simple. Most consumers won't buy items that are complex or too hard to figure out. Even websites today are all being automated. This leaves little room for coding jobs in the future. Once we have a template that we can use, 90% of the coding is done....

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How We Got Our Finances Fit

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2019

Finances are one of the #1 causes of stress, divorce and life problems in our world. I thought we were doing pretty good with our finances, but we felt like we could do better. With my husband being a huge finance guy, I asked him if there was something more we could do. Something we could use to get our money to work for us, instead of working for more money. My friend introduced us to a Financial Fitness course that has done wonders for us. We want to share with you how this class helped us get our finances fit.

Other Courses

I want you to know that this wasn't the first time we had tried a finance course. We started our marriage with the Davey Ramsey Total Money Makeover, looked into Jordan Paige's Budget Boot Camp and others. The thing with these courses is they didn't work for both of us. My husband is a finance guy so he's a hard one to convince. After going to school for all things finance, he really wanted something more aggressive on both fronts: paying down debt...

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The Secret Ways To Avoid Risks When Kids Face Digital Strangers Online Now


One of the biggest questions parents ask in my field of work is "How do I know if my child is talking to a predator? How can I know if they're talking to someone dangerous online?" Law enforcement agencies and experienced parents will teach you that monitoring their tech devices is the only way to know. However, I'm of the approach that a good offense is useless without a good defense. Monitoring your child's devices only goes so far. These are the essential skills parents and children both need to protect themselves from digital online strangers right now.

1. Clearly Define Digital Strangers

Do you even know what an online stranger looks like? How do they act? Where do they hang out? The honest truth is you CAN'T know someone isn't who they say they are just by looking at their profile. It's why law enforcement agencies host sting, spy and covert operations to catch the bad guys.

We must define a digital stranger in black and white for our kids like this:

Digital Stranger...

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The Real Methods Kids Explore When Looking For Porn That Their Parents Can't Risk Missing

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2019

Have you ever stopped to wonder and ask yourself why it is that kids can always seem to find porn when they're browsing the internet? Do you know how they actually find porn on even the tightest of security systems? I know that it's not something parents or school districts want to think about. However, this is something parent's need to know about. If we want to know the best way to protect our children from the dangers of targeted pornography campaigns, we need to first know how they are finding it in the first place. Then we can block these methods and further extend our parenting powers to influence and protect our children.

It's Not As Clear As You Would Believe

I want to make it clear that pornography findings I come across are never where you think they will be. I have seen pornography hidden inside of pictures, videos, viruses and video games. We refer to these findings as Easter Eggs since it's a "prize" for whoever can find the hidden "reward". Now, I don't want you to...

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The 6 Reasons Why All Parental Controls Will Fail And How You Can Stop It From Happening

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2019

We all want to believe that no matter what once we put on parental controls our kids will be safe. We believe that these apps and settings will protect our kids from what we can’t see. Yet, I’ve had hundreds of clients run into the same issue: the controls stop working after a short period of time. Sometimes it’s a few days, weeks or months, but they always seem to stop working. Why do these parental controls fail our kids after only a short period of time? And how are we to keep up with them as parents?

     1. Use The Same Password/PIN For Everything

If you’re like most people, when you first create the account to manage your parental controls you use a PIN or Password that isn’t exactly unique. It may be the same one you use for your credit card, phone or even your computer. All our kids have to do to hack our PINs is plug their devices in, look at the files, and search for the PIN. If that’s too much work,...

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Not Every Tech Safety Expert Has The Experience Real Parents Need

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2019

There are so many tech experts out there. Literally numerous types of courses and people speaking out about different ways to use technology with your kids. We've even got super famous Social Media titians hosting events to share their limited knowledge with other parents. But who are these people? Do they really know what they're talking about? Or are they just selling something to make you feel good and make money off of you? I know it can be difficult choosing which of these people to listen to, so I want to put the argument to rest. I'll show you what to look for to know if the person you're really following is actually a certified Tech Safety Expert.

The Truth About "Tech Safety Experts"

Did you know that once upon a time anyone could be a medicinal healer? Yep. Not too long ago, anyone who had experience with herbs--or just watched their mothers use them--could perform medicine to help others heal from their ailments. With individuals making people sick and the development of...

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Tips For Blocking Video Game Purchases

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2019

I recently had a conversation with a mother about my daughter purchasing school lunch when I had told her not to. She laughed and said, "If you think that's bad, just wait until she buys video game supplies without you knowing. Seriously, my boys just did that and it cost me over $200." I wanted to know how she handled it to get some ideas on how to help my daughter. "Oh, I just paid it since the credit card company wouldn't reverse the charge and then I took away their video games. They're never going to play them again." I know I'm not the only one dealing with this problem so I want to share with you my tips for blocking video game purchases on any console.

Use The Account Parental Controls

How do we do this? Locking up the game console is a good start. You may not know it, but your game console has parental controls that prevent purchases and kids from buying game add-ons. We can access this function on the console itself and with the online video game profiles. Each game system...

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Parental Monitoring Apps

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2019

I know that sometimes we want something extra with our parental controls. Maybe we want to have some added ScreenTime monitoring or website filtering or app warnings. We know that everything we put on our kids phones they can bypass. We also know that they can have a hard time doing this if they have to jump through multiple hoops. There are hundreds of apps out there that claim to help parents, but how do you know which ones will do the job? How do you know which ones won’t compromise your system or slow it down? Here’s a list of Parental Control Apps that I recommend and have tested to make sure they do the job. Each of these will work on both Android & Apple platforms.


This one works well for individual app monitoring of ScreenTime. You can install it on multiple accounts and manage it all from your phone. This is good for teens when you want to grant or block access to certain apps ad various times. It works very well on Android. When I was installing it...

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