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What Every Kid And Parent Needs To Know About Mobile Apps Before They Download And Install Them

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2019

Many parents and news organizations are shocked with what Facebook's paid research was able to do and harvest. However, many of them aren't talking about how this kind of thing is actually very normal. It's not even abnormal that it's targeting teens. Most apps, especially if they're free like Facebook's Research App, collect data usage to sell for profit to keep the app going. So what can parents do about it? How can we protect our children's privacy online? How do we identify these types of apps that are risky for our kids? Let me share some expert tips with you.

Look At The Fine Print

Did you know that all apps have to disclose what they will be gaining access to when you download them? Before I was a security nut, I didn't either. We should be looking into the fine print a little bit more and having our kids do the same. I know that looking at the fine print gets confusing and oftentimes can leave us confused. Not to mention that it can be time consuming. It helps, in these...

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Parents Using These Simple Expert Ways Can Stop Your Teens From Sneaking Their Phones Before & After They've Started

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2019

Here is what a mom asked a good friend of mine: "What should I do? My son is always sneaking his electronics when we take them away. I have tried everything with his video games to keep him from doing it again and it doesn't work. If I hide the remote I feel like I'm not giving him the power to choose. If I take it away from him he resorts to worse things like stealing my phone, sneaking over to friend's houses, etc. I'm at a total loss of what to do. How do I keep my kid from sneaking technology?!" This is an all-to-familiar scenario I get from parents all the time. Especially mothers because we're the ones who are tired of fighting the fight that it seems we're never going to win, right? So how should you handle this situation? How can you take away the screen time fight that makes your home a risky place?

Find The Reason Why

You may have experienced something similar in your home with other devices like phones and tablets. Or maybe you're totally in the same boat as this mom. My...

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Your Expert Tips To Picking The Right Router For The Best Home WiFi And Parental Controls

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2019

I know before I became a tech safety nut, I thought all routers were created equal. Something like the Disney Circle & Disney Go would've been so appealing to me. After learning lots of things, I learned that they were not all created equal. You can ban certain things on one router that you can't do on another. Lots of routers say they're "user friendly" but for my clients they definitely were not. Many routers didn't even require the hard-coding techniques I learned in school to be successful and made them way easier for the average person to use. So how do you pick the right router for your home? What makes a router good or bad? How do you use your router to block out questionable and dangerous content? I'll share with you my 6 tricks for picking out the right router for you home.

What Is A Router?

The router is the KING device that controls the internet access in your home and makes it easy to find information. Some routers come with devices called modems attached to them. ...

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Try These 9 Tech Tricks You Can Do To Decrease The Amount of Time You Spend on Your Devices

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2019

I know that we all feel like we get easily distracted with our screens and phone use. But what can you do to actually help you want to put your phone down? I loved the ideas Dr. Katie Penry gives in her free #lookup challenge, but I wanted more tech-based ideas. So I looked on the internet and came up with a list of things that can help you want to put your phone down in addition to her suggestions.

Getting a Watch & Clocks

What is one of the main things you look at on your phone? If you’re like most people, it’s actually the clock. This starts your spiral into other areas like notifications, reminders, etc. One of the first things you can do to start decreasing the amount of time you spend on your devices is to purchase a clock and a watch for yourself. It sounds simple and foolish, but it’s so practical.

Limiting Notifications & Reminders

The next thing I suggest doing is turning off all non-essential reminders and notifications. I’ve found that I...

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Learn The Best Way To Protect Your Social Media From Being Hacked With These Expert Tips

I’ve recently seen a lot of concern and worry about social media accounts being hacked-especially for those who operate theirs as a business. The things I have seen online about social media accounts provide light into how accounts get hacked. However, I want to provide you with a more comprehensive guide on how to prevent it.

Schedule Content & Be Vague

The first mistake accounts make is posting things that are “live” and personally relatable to their individual circumstances. You should never post things as they happen or as you’re doing them. Why? My friend Tara Thueson learned this lesson the hard way when her account was hacked minutes after she posted a story saying she was flying home from Hawaii. The hackers laughed (trust me they did) as they sent the threatening emails they knew she wouldn’t get for a few hours, overtook her account as soon as they knew she wouldn’t notice, and seriously tried to get her to pay to have her...

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5 Ways To Help Your Household Schedules Run Smooth And Never Miss Anything

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2019

Running a household is no joke. We each have our own schedules to do and work out. We have household responsibilities we need to do, tasks to complete and much more. One thing that you can do to help your house run smoother is have various types of meetings each month, week and day. These are the meetings that we have and what I've changed to make them more manageable.

Family Planning Meeting

A Family Planning Meeting is just that: a planning meeting. We use these family meetings to go over what we have going on that month. It helps our house run smoother because we're all aware of what's coming up. We sync schedules accordingly and shift responsibilities as needed. I try to keep these brief and entertaining for my kids with our Family Cheer, snacks, and coloring pages. These are generally short and most of the time done in addition to our more in-depth family meeting.

Couple's Meeting

My husband and I recently began a Financial Fitness Program to help us organize our finances...

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Rethink The Way You Protect Your Child's Identity Online With These Expert Tips

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2018

I know that we get concerned with protecting our own identity, but here's a kicker you may not have thought of: How are protecting your child's identity? Children these days have access to electronics as young as infants. We post and share thousands of pictures, stories, and posts a year. How can you make sure that what you're doing is truly protecting your child? I have some tips for you that will help.

Why Their Identity Is Important

I know that many of the kids I work with don't see their identity as a huge thing. In fact, they're not even sure why they should care about managing their identity. What a scary thing in today's world since at least 10% of kids had their identity stolen; most of them before age 7. You and I are also the only ones that watch for child identity theft.

Is their identity really at risk? Well, the truth is that it's more damaging to them than it is to you. When you have to file for identity theft and prove that you're who you say you are, you have a trail...

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Teens Write Letter To Parents About Thinking Before They Post About Them Online

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2018

At the request of my many adopted teens, I'm taking a step sideways and sharing some tips about things PARENTS should and shouldn't post online. I know we all want to post online some amazing memories, accomplishments and funny stories about our kids. I feel like we are not aware of how what we post online can affect their lives and futures. This is what I want to enlighten you about.

Protect Their Identity

While it doesn't seem like a huge deal sharing the annoying little lies your child does or asking for help discipling your 17 year old, it actually is. Everything you post online is discoverable and, the more technology develops, the more it's easier to tag children unknowingly in events. There are certain things that parents post online which can actually put their child at risk of having their identity compromised, stolen or worse. Posting personal information like birthdays, school friends, significant accomplishments, etc. actually can give away personal identifiable...

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Making Life's Lemonade

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

Over the past few months for us, I've been sharing how life has given us what I feel is more than our fair share of lemons. We've had just one bad thing after another seem to hit and befall us. And I still get asked all the time how I'm so positive, happy and at peace with it all. Well, the truth is I'm not on the inside. I honestly have just learned the secret to being happy with my life: make lemonade with life's lemons. How do we do that? I'll share my not-so-secret recipe with you.

Look For The Little Miracles

The first ingredient is oftentimes overlooked when we're going through any trials. For my husband and I looking for life's little miracles in each and every situation and circumstance is key. Even in our darkest moments, my husband and I stop, pause, and look at things from God's perspective. This is how we are able to see the little miracles in our trials. It doesn't make them go away, but it makes them a little bit less sour and lighter to bear. Looking for the...

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Securing Your Email Account Is One Of The Ways You Can Prevent And Easily Detect Identity Theft

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2018

I recently published a post on my tips for protecting your identity while shopping online and the response for more content has been ridiculous!! I know that we are all looking for ways to protect our identities while being online. So, I have decided that for the rest of this month's tech blog posts will be all about identity protection tips I have for you. I may even release a mini Identity Protection course for y'all in January next year, if you're interested in that. So where do you start with identity protection online? I believe you start with the basic place that holds all your information: your email account. Yes your email account is the logical place to start when it comes to identity protection.

Email Provider Security

I always recommend for my clients that they look into their email account's security features. What kinds of security features should your email account have? I'll make it simple and list them here for you:

  • Complex, long passwords (think more than 12...
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