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4 Ways You Can Choose To Rethink Trusting Your Child Again

As a parent, I know that one of the hardest things to do is trust your child. I also know that it's even harder to keep trusting your child after they have made a mistake. Many of the moms I work with have a hard time trusting their children again after mistakes are made; especially when they're repeated. So today I want to share with you some tips on how to keep trusting your child after they've messed up.

1. Forgive Both Of You

First and foremost: forgive yourself. I know how hard you are on yourself, but understand that forgiving yourself is just as important as forgiving your child. Forgive yourself for letting it happen. Forgive yourself for being human. Use your mistake as an opportunity to grow as a mother and as a person. No one is perfect, but it's important to gain peace and perspective from forgiveness.

Second: forgive your child. Do not ever assume that because it is over that your child knows they have been forgiven. Say it out loud to them. If you can't find the...

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The Secret Ways We Can Block Pornography From A Child’s Eyes Today

Today, I'm speaking about a topic that's both heavy and important. It's something I hear lots of parents talking about and looking for answers to, but not really knowing what they should do. So I'm going to share with you my secrets about filtering out pornography in your home. I know there are some really great websites out there like Educate & Empower Kids, Protect Young Eyes, and Fight the New Drug that share amazing information on porn and website filters that keep it out, but these sites don't have my perspective or experience. I made my career in helping parents filter out porn and dealing with the after affects of it. My goal is for every parent to know these secrets I have learned and refined over the years.

Where Porn Lives

The first thing I tell any parent that comes to me with any pornography concerns is how kids view it and why it gets in. The reason for this is because if we don't know where it's at, we can't block it out. For kids, pornography is...

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Secret Ways Kids Find The Internet On A Device Even When It's Blocked

This picture here is an actual message a mother sent me. She asks, "I'm been looking to getting my daughter a Gizmo watch or something similar. It occurred to me that I might be able to use an old smart phone instead of buying a new device. Is there a way to completely disable (or severely limit) the access to the internet?" I get lots of messages each day from parents asking almost the exact same thing. Today, I decided parents need to know the real, honest truth about if you can really block internet access on a smart phone. 

What is the design of a smart phone?

The first thing every parent needs to understand is this: smart phones were designed to always be connected or have the ability to connect to the internet. Why? It saves Cellular Data and it's what we asked for the phone to do. Think about why you bought the smart phone in the first place. Wasn't it because of all the things you could do on it? A smart phone is no different...

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Knowing Everything About Technology Isn't Essential To Relate Or Protect Your Kids

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2018

Today, I had one of those rare moments in my career where I was reminded how much I still don’t know. I have been studying Security practices for 8 years and still don’t know everything. I still forget things that I should know and skills I don’t use every single day. Then I looked at my home and saw the mess that my kids made over the past couple days of being sick. I was immediately overwhelmed with all of the areas I was failing in. My career as a wife, homemaker, ISC, teacher, etc.

Work On Progressing

In that dark moment, I realized I couldn’t do it all. I have been trying for years to do it all by myself; but the truth is I can’t. I need help to accomplish the tasks I desire to accomplish. Then I had a revelation that I feel every mother and father needs to know:

Your success in motherhood isn’t determined by what your kids do but what they learn from you.

I’m going to say it again: Your success in motherhood isn’t determined by...

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Having Family Meetings Each Week Is A Key In Winning The Screen Time Battle

The Magical Ingredient To Managing Screen Time

Do you want to know one of the biggest keys to success my clients use to manage Screen Time and Technology? I bet you’re thinking it’s an app, or program or router you can purchase, right? While those things do play a huge role in what we do, that’s not the magical ingredient. Would you be totally shocked if I told you it was something FREE that you could do yourself today?! When I asked my successful clients what has made the biggest impact in how they manage Screen Time and Technology their response was continuing the weekly family meeting I helped them start.

What’s A Family Meeting?

You’re probably thinking a Family Meeting is a place where you lay out the rules, right? Yes and no. It’s so much more than that. It’s a council, where each person gives his or her opinion, insight and input. We come up with rules, consequences AND solutions TOGETHER—the parents, the kids, and myself....

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What I Learned From A Social Media Fast

If you’ve been following me over on Instagram and Facebook you know I recently participated in a Social Media fast. I know a lot of people think that I’m crazy for doing this-especially when I use it for “business”. However, I want to share with you some interesting insights I gained from taking this fast for the third time this year. I feel that everyone should read this and decide for themselves if they truly need a #breakfromfake. I highly recommend it.


Yes, I went through withdrawals that one could compare to a “drug cleanse”. I got shaky, irritated, and there were a couple of days that I wasn’t good. My anxiety was through the roof and it triggered immediate depression for a good 4 days. It happens every time I take a fast. I’m always surprised by how immediate the affects of it are on myself. After the first two days, I’m ok; but those withdrawals scare me. I have ways of tempering the withdrawals so...

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How To Teach Your Kids The Do's and Don't of Creating Secure Passwords Online

One of the things I hate the most is being required to set up a new password. Nothing bothers me more that forgetting, misplacing or losing my password!! Passwords are a thing that is a necessary evil for protecting our accounts and in turn our identities from being stolen. So what do you need to teach them as parents?

What Schools Teach

If you’re like me and your kids are in school, they are learning the basics of creating a password and how to keep it safe. The things they learn are simple like how to:

  • Create a strong, secure password (You can read more about creating a strong password and checking a password's strength on this post.)
  • Store It (Paper is best because it’s not easily hacked, just make sure it’s NOT easily accessible or in view. If you’re like my clients and more tech savvy, a password manager app will work as well. The ones I like are )
  • Create Unique Passwords For EVERY ACCOUNT (I’ve seen and had people use the same password for...
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How To Tell If You Have A Secure Password

Let me tell you one of my favorite cliché jokes: A blonde is has to make her password for her Instagram account. It has to be 8 characters, have one capitol letter, one lowercase letter and a number. What’s the blonde’s password? MickeyDonaldGoofyMinnieDaisyChipPluto1. I know you’ll laugh at the blonde, but her password is probably more secure than 99% of us. So how do I know if I have a secure password? How do I know if it’s strong enough not to get hacked? Here’s some of my security tricks & tips I use to keep my passwords secure.

The More Characters, The Better

With secure passwords the more characters (spaces) it occupies longer it takes to crack. Why? Think of the 26 letters plus the 10 numbers and the infinite number of symbols I can use on one English Keyboard. When I want to run a simple algorithm to break a password, it can take hours to crack; if I must go through 46+ characters for each space in the password. While it isn’t...

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Use These 7 Professional Tips To Hire The Perfect IT Guy

In today’s world of information technology, we have so many tech gadgets we depend on for managing our everyday lives. Most of the time our tech runs without any problems, but sometimes it doesn’t. While we can fix most of our problems (thanks to the vast information and resources on the internet) sometimes we need the help of an IT professional to get it fixed right. So how do you know that you’re hiring the right IT professionals? How can you verify that your problem is actually getting fixed? How do you know the IT professional's not going to “fix it” and then never speak to you again? Here are some tips for hiring any IT professionals to fix your stuff that can help you pick the right guy.

Legitimate IT Businesses

There are lots of companies out there that you can hire to fix and maintain your computers. There are also lots of companies that don’t necessarily hire IT professionals or train them in fixing your devices. How do you verify...

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4 Ways To Use iOS 12 Screen Time Features As Parental Controls

Parents are always looking for a simple way to monitor their kids. In the past it's been done through apps and physical means but now it can be done right from the phone itself. Apple recently released iOS 12 which has Screen Time features that work almost as good as other methods available for Apple Products today. Every parent wants to know the ins and outs of Apple Screen Time functions. We want to know what they do, what they don't do and the hacks for kids to work around them. Well, I put it to the test just for you!! Here's what I found:

How Does It Work?

Screen Time features work by tracking a few different things:

  1. When App Is Running
  2. When Screen Lights Up (device pickups)
  3. Time of Day

Combining all of these data point together, the device can tell you how long you were on the device, what you were doing on it, and how many times you picked the device up. It’s nifty, and helpful for people, like myself, which want to keep our downtime on screens limited.

What Does It...

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