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How To Define Hacking For Your Kids

As a parent, there is nothing worse as a parent than finding out your child has deleted or bypassed your Parental Controls. It's an unfortunate problem many parents have. Most of the parents I talk do not know that deleting Parental Controls is a form of hacking. Even worse they have never explained hacking to their children or defined what hacking is. This is why I'm helping parents learn what hacking is so they can define hacking for their kids—in perfect, understandable detail.

What is hacking?

In order to teach, we must first define what hacking is. Hacking is the act of using sophisticated computer skills to attack computer(s) and/or system(s) usually with the end goal of modifying the program’s design to do what the individual hacker wishes. It’s not illegal to perform hacking when you have the explicit written permission of the owner of the system or computer to obtain such information. However, this line is very easily blurred in relation to software...

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The Secret Ways We Can Stop Kids From Seeing Risky YouTube Videos Ever


This article has been updated to include additional methods to filter YouTube on Feb 27, 2019. The hacks and tricks can also be used for any other video streaming platform.

Do you have any tips on how to filter YouTube for my kids? Holy Cow!! You would not believe how much I get asked this question!! It’s a topic that so many parents have lots of questions, concerns about and really don’t have any good answers for. So let me give you the DL(down low) on all things YouTube.

Watch It With Them

YouTube is a free platform that is run on the honor system. No matter what you do, you will not be able to filter the adult content out. Why? Remember Dial UP from the 80s and 90s? That’s how slow YouTube would be if they ran filtering software on every video. No one wants that. This is why I tell parents to watch YouTube WITH their kids. Put it on the TV and watch the videos with them. Best filtering feature and bonding experience ever!!

Enable Restricted Mode

This is a...

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The Reason Our Kids Face Risks When We Believe These Secret Internet Filter Myths

Internet filters are great for blocking things like pornography, violence, and mature content. But is that really all you need to protect your kids? No. As much as I love Internet filters, I am always surprised at these 3 things parents don’t know about them. So I want to debunk the myths that parents—and educators—believe about Internet filters.

My Internet Filter Will Block All The Content

The first myth parents believe is that installing a filter—any filter—will automatically block all inappropriate content. I wish with all my heart that I could say this was true. The sad truth is this: humans invented the equations that filters online content, and we’re not perfect. We also have bad people out there who work to bypass our Internet filters.

Parents usually ask me a form of this question next: Why can’t we just disable the pictures and videos? Back before about 2005 you could 100% do this. Today, however, pictures are used for everything...

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The Simple Acts Parents Do To Stop Screen Time Fights Before It Starts

I know that a lot of parents are seeking for a great and applicable way to control the amount of screen exposure their kids get from today’s everyday devices. Many parent's today are facing a screen time battle that I feel is harder and more complicated than it truly needs to be. So I've put together mine and my clients’ 4 Tried and True ways you can easily implement to control screen time in your home effectively with minimal meltdowns today.

  1. Physical Boundaries

The first step we do is create A Charging Home that’s “out of sight, out of mind” for your kids. Why? It really is as simple as making it not easily accessible for them. Our kids overuse screen time primarily because they can access it whenever they want. If you limit the access first, you are better able to control the environment. This will limit the battles and fights you have to have. Hiding the devices doesn’t have to be hard either. It can be as simple as a wood box in...

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Internet Security: Secrets To Secure Your Home In The Digital Age Now

Internet Browser Security

With all of the information and knowledge on how to secure your internet connection, the next step is to secure your internet browser. This may seem like a simple thing to do, but contrary to belief securing your internet browser is just as important then securing your connection. Without securing your browser, your computer is still vulnerable to attacks, but this time from within the very network you set up.

Popup Blockers

No matter what internet browser you are using, popup blockers should always be enabled. Many forms of adware, viruses, and spyware are accidentally installed onto computers because people do not deactivate the popups. To disable the popups, go to your internet options and click on the security option and make sure the Block Popups option is enabled. Each web browser has a different set up, so be sure to consult the Help page to access further instructions.

Internet Options

There is also a vast amount that you can set up in the Internet...

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Modern-Day Risks: Expert Secrets To Secure Your Home In The Digital Age


As an individual in the profession of Cyber Security, many people have approached myself asking questions about how they can secure their information in this every growing digital age. Many have asked questions like: Is my password secure? How can I know if I’ve been hacked? How do I prevent my computer from getting a virus? How do I protect my internet connection? Etc. As a result of being asked these and many other questions, it seemed appropriate to write an essay addressing and answering these questions; not just for the individuals who asked them, but for the community as a whole.

This paper will cover a specific number of topics that every person with electronic devices should have a basic understanding. Details will be covered on each topic in a simple explanation format to avoid too much confusion with technical jargon and to give a general understanding to any individual’s background. The topics that will be covered are Modern-Day Vulnerabilities,...

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