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Having Family Meetings Each Week Is A Key In Winning The Screen Time Battle

The Magical Ingredient To Managing Screen Time

Do you want to know one of the biggest keys to success my clients use to manage Screen Time and Technology? I bet you’re thinking it’s an app, or program or router you can purchase, right? While those things do play a huge role in what we do, that’s not the magical ingredient. Would you be totally shocked if I told you it was something FREE that you could do yourself today?! When I asked my successful clients what has made the biggest impact in how they manage Screen Time and Technology their response was continuing the weekly family meeting I helped them start.

What’s A Family Meeting?

You’re probably thinking a Family Meeting is a place where you lay out the rules, right? Yes and no. It’s so much more than that. It’s a council, where each person gives his or her opinion, insight and input. We come up with rules, consequences AND solutions TOGETHER—the parents, the kids, and myself....

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4 Ways To Use iOS 12 Screen Time Features As Parental Controls

Parents are always looking for a simple way to monitor their kids. In the past it's been done through apps and physical means but now it can be done right from the phone itself. Apple recently released iOS 12 which has Screen Time features that work almost as good as other methods available for Apple Products today. Every parent wants to know the ins and outs of Apple Screen Time functions. We want to know what they do, what they don't do and the hacks for kids to work around them. Well, I put it to the test just for you!! Here's what I found:

How Does It Work?

Screen Time features work by tracking a few different things:

  1. When App Is Running
  2. When Screen Lights Up (device pickups)
  3. Time of Day

Combining all of these data point together, the device can tell you how long you were on the device, what you were doing on it, and how many times you picked the device up. It’s nifty, and helpful for people, like myself, which want to keep our downtime on screens limited.

What Does It...

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Flaws of Apple iOS 12 Screen Time Parents Need To Know

With the release of Apple iOS 12 Screen Time features, parents rejoiced!! Now there was a built-in way for them to monitor, track and restrict their children’s screen time on their devices. Despite the entire rave and praise, it is still Apple’s first live launch, which means bugs exist. I put it to the test in the beta version and found a few flaws that still exist that I want every parent to be aware of.

How Time Is Measured

Apple iOS 12 Screen Time is tracked for the amount of time. It doesn’t matter if the app or device is in use or not. It will turn off after the set minutes expire. Even if the app is still “running” in the background (you don’t swipe up and turn it off) it’s still tracking your time.

Restricting App Access

Apple iOS 12 Screen Time features restricting app use to speicifc predetermined App Groupings. App Groupings are great for those who have multiple apps that fit in one sphere they want to limit. However, for limiting...

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Why Doesn’t My Parental Control App Work On Apple Devices Anymore?

Over the past year I have had lots of clients and parents asking the same question: Why isn’t __________ working on Apple anymore? Why can’t I see _______? It’s a question that is vexing parents and leaving them feeling defenseless against being able to monitor their children the way THEY want to. It’s even more frustrating for parents when they’ve paid a subscription and cannot get the support or refund they so desperately want. Why isn't your Parental Control App working anymore?

Apple Security

The main reason these apps like OurPact, ScreenTime, Spyzie, mSpy, and others are experiencing issues is because of Apple’s Privacy and Security Settings. Apple is one of the few developers that want to keep their software development under wraps. They don’t want the security and legal risks associated with some of these apps continuing. So they’re limiting it, creating red tape, and protecting their company from the dangers you and...

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