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The 4 Risks of Two Factor Authentication (2FA) & How You Can Beat Them

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways individuals can protect their accounts from Social Media to Amazon to iTunes. Using 2FA may increase the security of your accounts, but it's not without it's risks.

 Phone Numbers/SMS Messages

Most companies like Google, GoDaddy and Instagram send the user an option for either an email message or to have your cell phone texted. However, hackers have been using  "SIM swapping" for a long time now. 

SIM SWAPPING: the process where through malicious code your phone's SIM Card (Subscriber Identity Module) is replaced with a fake or alternate SIM Card. Also known as SIM Hijacking and SIM Hacking.

It's not very hard for a social engineering hacker to do a lookup on your name and find a list of pervious phone numbers attacked to it. Combine a lookup like this with your email address and now not only is your 2FA on all your accounts compromised, but every account that uses that phone number is...

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Internet Security: Secrets To Secure Your Home In The Digital Age Now

Internet Browser Security

With all of the information and knowledge on how to secure your internet connection, the next step is to secure your internet browser. This may seem like a simple thing to do, but contrary to belief securing your internet browser is just as important then securing your connection. Without securing your browser, your computer is still vulnerable to attacks, but this time from within the very network you set up.

Popup Blockers

No matter what internet browser you are using, popup blockers should always be enabled. Many forms of adware, viruses, and spyware are accidentally installed onto computers because people do not deactivate the popups. To disable the popups, go to your internet options and click on the security option and make sure the Block Popups option is enabled. Each web browser has a different set up, so be sure to consult the Help page to access further instructions.

Internet Options

There is also a vast amount that you can set up in the Internet...

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