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How To Create Healthy Screen Time Habits In Your Home



How do teachers help our kids fall in love with learning? They create an environment that helps inspire our kids to want to learn and do it on their own. Encouraging our kids to choose Healthy Tech Habits can work the same way if we create an environment that encourages it. It also helps stop screen time battles.
Today I’m sharing my easy tips to make creating a healthy tech environment in your home easy!!

Hi I’m Chelsea!! Welcome to Family Friday, where I teach practical tricks to help you find balance and keep you and your family safe on the Virtual Playground.

TIP #1 Hide The Technology. If you look around any classroom, everything is placed with Intention to create the ideal learning space. Teachers don't have things out that distract from learning like snack bars,
or movie posters
displayed. Many Schools even lock away cell phones to create a better learning environment for our kids.
The same is true in our homes. If our kids see tech devices...

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