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The 4 Risks of Two Factor Authentication (2FA) & How You Can Beat Them

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways individuals can protect their accounts from Social Media to Amazon to iTunes. Using 2FA may increase the security of your accounts, but it's not without it's risks.

 Phone Numbers/SMS Messages

Most companies like Google, GoDaddy and Instagram send the user an option for either an email message or to have your cell phone texted. However, hackers have been using  "SIM swapping" for a long time now. 

SIM SWAPPING: the process where through malicious code your phone's SIM Card (Subscriber Identity Module) is replaced with a fake or alternate SIM Card. Also known as SIM Hijacking and SIM Hacking.

It's not very hard for a social engineering hacker to do a lookup on your name and find a list of pervious phone numbers attacked to it. Combine a lookup like this with your email address and now not only is your 2FA on all your accounts compromised, but every account that uses that phone number is...

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The Easy Tech Hacks To Prevent Cyber Bullying On Instagram


Hi I’m Chelsea!! Welcome to Tech Thursday, where I teach practical tech hacks to help you find balance and keep you and your family safe on the Virtual Playground.

Today, in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, I'm showing you some tips to stoping cyberbullying on Instagram. If you want to know what cyberbullying, mom shamming or being mean online is, watch this video.

In Instagram, Click on your profile,
Go to your settings and
click on privacy.
Click on Account Privacy.
Make sure private account is turned on.

Go back to settings.
Click on account.
Then click on linked accounts. Unlink all accounts. This prevents people from finding you on other apps.

Go back to Settings
Click on Notifications.
Click on Direct Messages. Turn message requests off. Change video chats to be only from people I follow. Now anyone who you are not friends with cannot message you. This will not work in group chats you join. Only in ones you create.

To learn more of what you can do to...

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Learn The Best Way To Protect Your Social Media From Being Hacked With These Expert Tips

I’ve recently seen a lot of concern and worry about social media accounts being hacked-especially for those who operate theirs as a business. The things I have seen online about social media accounts provide light into how accounts get hacked. However, I want to provide you with a more comprehensive guide on how to prevent it.

Schedule Content & Be Vague

The first mistake accounts make is posting things that are “live” and personally relatable to their individual circumstances. You should never post things as they happen or as you’re doing them. Why? My friend Tara Thueson learned this lesson the hard way when her account was hacked minutes after she posted a story saying she was flying home from Hawaii. The hackers laughed (trust me they did) as they sent the threatening emails they knew she wouldn’t get for a few hours, overtook her account as soon as they knew she wouldn’t notice, and seriously tried to get her to pay to have her...

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