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The 4 Risks of Two Factor Authentication (2FA) & How You Can Beat Them

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways individuals can protect their accounts from Social Media to Amazon to iTunes. Using 2FA may increase the security of your accounts, but it's not without it's risks.

 Phone Numbers/SMS Messages

Most companies like Google, GoDaddy and Instagram send the user an option for either an email message or to have your cell phone texted. However, hackers have been using  "SIM swapping" for a long time now. 

SIM SWAPPING: the process where through malicious code your phone's SIM Card (Subscriber Identity Module) is replaced with a fake or alternate SIM Card. Also known as SIM Hijacking and SIM Hacking.

It's not very hard for a social engineering hacker to do a lookup on your name and find a list of pervious phone numbers attacked to it. Combine a lookup like this with your email address and now not only is your 2FA on all your accounts compromised, but every account that uses that phone number is...

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How To Teach Your Kids The Do's and Don't of Creating Secure Passwords Online

One of the things I hate the most is being required to set up a new password. Nothing bothers me more that forgetting, misplacing or losing my password!! Passwords are a thing that is a necessary evil for protecting our accounts and in turn our identities from being stolen. So what do you need to teach them as parents?

What Schools Teach

If you’re like me and your kids are in school, they are learning the basics of creating a password and how to keep it safe. The things they learn are simple like how to:

  • Create a strong, secure password (You can read more about creating a strong password and checking a password's strength on this post.)
  • Store It (Paper is best because it’s not easily hacked, just make sure it’s NOT easily accessible or in view. If you’re like my clients and more tech savvy, a password manager app will work as well. The ones I like are )
  • Create Unique Passwords For EVERY ACCOUNT (I’ve seen and had people use the same password for...
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How To Tell If You Have A Secure Password

Let me tell you one of my favorite cliché jokes: A blonde is has to make her password for her Instagram account. It has to be 8 characters, have one capitol letter, one lowercase letter and a number. What’s the blonde’s password? MickeyDonaldGoofyMinnieDaisyChipPluto1. I know you’ll laugh at the blonde, but her password is probably more secure than 99% of us. So how do I know if I have a secure password? How do I know if it’s strong enough not to get hacked? Here’s some of my security tricks & tips I use to keep my passwords secure.

The More Characters, The Better

With secure passwords the more characters (spaces) it occupies longer it takes to crack. Why? Think of the 26 letters plus the 10 numbers and the infinite number of symbols I can use on one English Keyboard. When I want to run a simple algorithm to break a password, it can take hours to crack; if I must go through 46+ characters for each space in the password. While it isn’t...

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