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The Secret Ways To Manage Screen Time With Kids of Different Ages Now

"I love your screen time methods, but what about for families with kids in different age groups? I've got teenagers in High School and Kids in elementary school. How can I make it easier to manage screen time for all of us?"

Not every situation or piece of advice around screen time is great for families in the "in between stage". I'm talking about those families that have kids of different ages like 16 and 14 followed by an 8 and 5 year old. Is it really ideal to expect that our teenagers are going to willingly follow the rules we set for our younger children? Of course not. However, I do have some great secret tips for you on how to make screen time with kids of different ages work in your home.

Same Rules For Everyone

The best way to start is to make the screen time rules the same for everyone. It is unrealistic to expect that our teenagers will be on their tech devices for only an hour like our elementary age kids. However, we can set boundaries that say "We only use...

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