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The Best Secrets To Guilt-Free Screen Time When Touring With Your Kids This Summer

It's Summer Time!! For many of us that means traveling with kids and taking amazing family vacations. Even if those family vacations happen to be in the backyard. One of the things I do know that happens when we travel is our screen time routines go out the window and managing screen time can be hard. These are a few of the things we do when we take our 10 hour road trips and flights to manage screen time with our family.

Travel Parenting

Ok so I want to bust a myth right now. When we're traveling with kids, we're not in normal circumstances. Most of us travel in "survival mode". We do anything and everything we can to keep our kids respectable and avoid comments from haters, bystanders, and the peanut gallery. Do not beat yourself up if your kids watch more TV or play more video games than they should because you are traveling!!! That being said, I do know some really good tricks for traveling with technology and kids that will be super helpful to you.

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