Safe Virtual Playground Guide

Want to write something better that prepares you for everything the Digital World will throw at you?


"Chelsea, of Digital Mom Talk, offers the whole package in creating a family tech plan. It’s like having a best friend next door who gives great advice… and also happens to be a tech expert. My favorite thing about her offering is the “big picture” approach. Rather than fixating on the things our children should NOT be doing… she invites us to consider the crafting of an environment that encourages them to live in real life and love it. Her time-tested plans can help us give this same gift to our families! Priceless."

Emily Jones
Founder Family Tech University

"I am so appreciative to Chelsea for helping my family and I secure our personal information and accounts after our security had been compromised. I only wish we would have used her services to be proactive instead of reactive! She is an expert in all things cyber security and is well versed in policies and laws regarding what to do if you need to take action for being hacked or victimized. Chelsea was friendly, caring and very professional. I highly recommend her to anyone who uses technology regularly to communicate, socialize or make purchases online."


What Is Included?

Real-Life Examples

I provide you with real screen time struggles I have helped parents overcome to help guide you in writing the tech plan that will work the best for your family!!

Complete Family Meeting

One of the biggest successes in conquering screen time battles with a Tech Plan is having a family meeting. It's proven that people obey consequences more when they're included.

Assistance From Chelsea!!

Sometimes, creating your Virtual Playground Rules can be overwhelming and confusing. I take the guess-work out if it by helping you should you need it!!

The Safe Virtual Playground Guide Will Enhance Your Teenage Phone Contract!!


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