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As a Cyber Security Consultant who works in the industry helping businesses and parents, I have the amazing opportunity to be a guest on various publications. These are some of the places I've been on recently!!

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"When it comes to rectifying the problem, Brown says, “I’d recommend talking to law enforcement to learn more on the specific hashtags predators use. [Officers] are the ones who actually … track those hashtags to find and convict predators online and in person.” Parents may then use this information to adjust their posting habits."

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Teens On Dating Apps: How To Talk To Your Child About Online Safety

"Remember, for today's teens, the world is a much safer place than it was for previous generations. Kids don’t see that much harm in getting to know people online. If they can’t see the danger, they think it doesn’t exist, says Chelsea Brown, CEO & Founder of "Digital Mom Talk"."

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5 Women Changing The Tech World Now

"From making history, to creating history, we spoke to a number of women who are changing the tech world now, and asked them the ever-important question: What does being a woman in tech mean to you?"

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Moms Who Know Podcast

Parents have a lot to navigate when it comes to tech. How do we do it without fighting? In this episode, Chelsea Brown helps us to know how to create healthy tech habits and have the hard conversations around technology use in our families.

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The Fearless and Successful Podcast by Dijana Llugolli

"I didn't decide to become a family cybersecurity consultant; God called me to do this. I learned through helping my parents with parental controls for 8 years that two things can happen: you can control your child and lose the relationship with them permanently or you can create a safe place for you and your kids. . ."

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Read With You Presents

Parents can't get away from tech these days- but we can get a handle on it and consciously decide how much we are going to allow in our homes. Cyber security expert Chelsea Brown is a master at getting parents and children to talk about electronics usage and find solutions that work for the whole family.

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On The Brighter Side Of Things

"Today's security guest is an Information Security Consultant CompTIA Security+ Certified. Basically this means she is really good at tech and she is passionate about keeping our kids safe online. She is a wife and mom of 3 kiddos under the age of 4. So she is really busy and extremely smart.


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How She Moms

How I Use Technology In My Home

I love technology—so much that I chose a career   as an information security consultant. But I also hate it. I have seen the families of close friends torn apart by technology addictions. And I regularly deal with issues from identity theft to cyber bullying to pornography when consulting with families.

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WebSafety Monitoring App

Kids can get around just about anything. Let’s face it, technology comes naturally to the younger generation. They’re quicker, smarter and more creative than their parents.

That’s why WebSafety talked to professional hacker Chelsea Brown (Information Security Consultant CompTIA Security+ Certified) to bring you the best tips to keep your kids from hacking your privacy and protection plan.

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Special Contributions

Teaching Various Tech Safety Classes

Chelsea has taught classes alongside local law enforcement agencies in Boise, ID (August 2018) and Las Vegas, NV (June 2019) as part of internet safety awareness campaigns to help parents understand the powerful tech tools they have access to. These include parental controls, internet filters, identity theft prevention, preventing cyberbullying, protecting digital reputations, and more!!

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Power2Parent Contributor & Volunteer

Chelsea is very active politically outside of Digital Mom Talk. She is a regular contributor at Power2Parent, a Nevada Parental Rights Protection Group, helping them put out content to parents about simple ways we can make the internet safer for our children.

She has taught classes for them in their effort to help parents have the tools they need to protect their rights as well as those of their children.

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